MD’S Message

I, Sunil Mangla, assume the responsibility, as the MD of Mangla Sons Pvt Ltd to serve my clients with unmatched quality products they will cherish for generations to come. In the past few years, we have witnessed expansion and development in some key areas including technology, manufacturing processes and methodology. We are proud to say that we adopted these smoothly taking our venture to greater heights.

We have faced great challenges like targets, tight schedules and stiff competition with grace and every time came out with flying colors. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our team and our clients who are the pillars of our success.

Mangla Sons has witnessed an epic journey towards business excellence through prompt delivery, customer care and un-parallel quality which we strive to take ahead in generations to come.


Ingress+ is a leading manufacturer of steel doors that can be used for commercial, industrial and residential purposes. Being a torch-bearer in this niche, Mangla Sons Pvt. Ltd. has built a reputation as a leader in the steel industry. Pushing the limits of the industry standards, Mangla Sons Pvt. Ltd. is capable of providing solutions to the most complex needs with their skills, knowledge and experience in this industry to deliver best in class, quality and short lead-time.

As time demanded, Mangla sons Pvt. Ltd. have diversified its production and entered into the field of Commercial kitchens by the name of Steelonox. Another vertical, EcoDucts is a high-quality ducting system developed from sheet metal without lead bring a revolution in the industry.