We offer the best customer choice for cleanroom furniture available on the market. We will deliver products to you fully-assembled and ready for immediate use.

When selected and used properly, stainless steel furniture and equipment and the Trespa Toplab Base Range of Cleanroom Furniture can have an extremely positive impact on the performance of a cleanroom. Step over benches and transfer hatches encourage good protocol, whilst benches and chairs can improve operatives comfort and benefit morale.

If what you’re looking for isn’t within our standard range of cleanroom furniture, please get in touch with us, as we can manufacture bespoke stainless steel and Trespa furniture to suit your application.

( 1 )
Cross Over Bench

( 2 )
Office Table

( 3 )
Foot Step

( 4 )
Sieve Inspection Cabinet

( 5 )
SS Apron Locker

( 6 )
Wall Guard


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