Static Pass Box designed to allow material transfer through controlled environment without much personnel movement to minimize man/material movement.

Material Of Construction :

  • SS 304 /SS 316 /SS 316L.

Standard Features:

  • S5 304 double walled insulated doors with toughened glass with S5 304 Handles & Hinges.
  • ElectroMagnetic Interlocking card with LED display controlling on either side of the door to ensure that only one side door can be opened at a time. Manual On-Off Switches for LED & U.V Light
  • U. V. Light providing 256nm wavelength with Hour Meter.
  • Led Light with S covering.
  • Pass box support stand with Nylon levelling pad In Back side for wall mounted pass box.
  • Drop Seal in doors, base sheet or SS angle (which is to be grouted in floor) in bottom for floor mounted pass box.
  • S5 304 access panel on Top side for service & maintenance.
  • S5 304 ball catcher for holding the door during power failure.

Options & Accessories:

  • Flame Proof Execution as Explosion proof electrics for Flame-proof Applications.

Power Supply:

  • 230VAC, 1θ-50-60Hz.

Standard Dimensions :

Internal Dimension (mm)
Model Width Depth Height
Wall Mounted 450 450 450
600 600 600
Floor Mounted 900 900 900
1200 1200 1200
1500 1500 1500