Reverse Laminar Air Flow Unit is designed with the precision for providing highest level of protection to Product, Operator as well as to environment from airborne contaminants generated during powder handling operations such as sampling, charging & dispensing. Furthermore, the down flow booth operates on a Recirculatory airflow principle providing containment by air movement. A clean, constant, laminar down flow of Class 100 air is supplied in the work area suppressing any dust clouds generated during open powder processing, removing and capturing airborne particles from the operator's breathing zone. The Pre filters at the base of the rear wall capture the airborne contaminants generated. Increased intake velocity at pre filters to ensure scavenging effect. A small percentage of air is discharged from the booth through the bleed exhaust HEPA filter to maintain the working space under negative pressure

Material Of Construction :

  • SS 304 /SS 316 /SS 316L.

Standard Features:

  • Minipleat HEPA Filter EU-14 Grade, efficiency 99.999% down to 0.3µ.
  • Pre filters EU 6 Grade with average efficiency of 60-80% down to 5µ.
  • Intermediate Filter EU 7 Grade , average efficiency of 80-90% to 3µ
  • SS 304 channels for Hepa clamps Covering.
  • AC Centrifugal Motor Blower with Regulator for speed controlling.
  • Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge 3 Nos. Hepa filter, intermediate Filter & pre Filter with respect to ambient.
  • Led Light covered with toughned clear glass.
  • SS ON/OFF switches for motor & lights
  • PAO Test port for HEPA filter integrity test.
  • Antistatic PVC Strip in Front Side of the unit.
  • SS 304 access panel on front & back side for service & maintenance.
  • Clean down timer with Operation Hold Indicator.
  • SS 304 double walled side insulated puff panels.
  • Audio / Visual alarm for blower tripping with Fault Acknowledgement & Reset Switch.
  • 6/16 Amp Single-phase Switch Socket for any external equipment.

Standard Dimensions :

Internal Dimension (mm)
Width Depth Height
915 915 2000
1220 1220 2000
1860 1220 2000

Options & Accessories :

  • SS 304 protective grill below Hepa filter
  • SS perforated worktable with leveling pads for weighing balance.
  • VFD to control the speed of motor.
  • Digital/Photohelic Gauge with High / Low Indicators.
  • U.V light providing 256 nm wavelength with hour meter.
  • CG membrane screen as diffuser below hepa filter.
  • Flame Proof Execution as Explosion proof electrics for Flame-proof applications.
  • Air velocity Sensor with display.
  • Safe change bag in / bag out arrangement for filters.
  • Sodium Vapour lamps.
  • PLC with touch screen HMI.
  • Emergency stop Switch is used to shut off the RLAF.

Performance :

  • Air cleanliness   :   ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E) / Class 100.
  • Air Velocities     :    0.45 + 0.05 mps@ 6 Inch below Hepa Terminal.
  • Air Flow              :   Vertical - Re-circulatory.
  • Noise Level        :   Less than 67 db on Scale 'A'.
  • Vibration level  :   Minimum.

Power Supply :

  • 230 VAC 1θ, 50-60HZ & for FLP 415 VAC, 3θ, 50-60Hz.