Mist Shower Unit Workstation is designed to Supply Non-Classified air & Water for Decontamination Station by spraying mist. The Misting Booth is a contamination control device for the respiratory protection from inhalation hazards to the operator during the de-gowning process. When the occupant removes his/her protective clothing (PPE), he also removes his/her primary personnel protection (respirator). The misting booth is used to reduce the possible re-suspension of the particulate in the operators breathing zone. By virtue of what the misting booth is doing, it also reduces contamination into the de gowning area. The misting booth works by gently wetting the surface of an operator's protective gown with a fine water mist, causing the powder to stick to the surface instead of becoming airborne

Material Of Construction :

  • SS 304 /SS 316 /SS 316L

Standard Features:

  • Water pressure gauge to measure the water jet pressure provided to working area.
  • PLC with Touch Screen HM display controlling with Electro-Magnetic Interlocking system to ensure that only one side door can be opened at a time & adjustable Timer to set operation time.
  • SS door release switch on both sides.
  • SS Perforated Trays as footrest floor in bottom.
  • SS Backto back handles on both sides for door opening.
  • SS304 double walled insulated doors with toughened glass with SS304 Handles & Hinges.
  • LED down light (water proof) with 400 LUX.
  • Drain point for Contaminated Water Drain.
  • SS316 mist spray Nozzle with Flexible Hose Pipe for Compress Air and water.
  • SS Water Pump for providing the jet flow of water to take care of water flow requirement.
  • De- attachable fresh water tank.
  • Solenoid valve for air & water inlet & outlet.
  • Drain in water tank for tank cleaning.
  • Low & High Level Indication for Water Storage.
  • Emergency stop switch to shut off equipment in an emergency.
  • Door closer for closing doors.
  • S$ 304 access panel inside of the unit for service & maintenance.

Standard Dimensions :

Internal Dimension (mm)
Width Depth Height
800 800 2000

Power Supply :

  • 230 VAC 1θ, 50-60HZ