De- Dusting Tunnel is designed to supply air at high velocity to remove particulate matter from the material entering the Clean Room facility. De- dusting tunnel is designed to reduce initial non-viable particles from the raw materials received in drums, cartons, bags etc. before they are transferred to warehouse while protecting personnel and environment. It is used to remove the loose particles/dust present on the receiving materials.

Material Of Construction :

  • SS 304 /SS 316 /SS 316L/ G.I Powder Coated

Standard Features:

  • Minipleat HEPA Filter EU-1 4 Grade, efficiency 99.999% down to 0.3 u.
  • Pre filters EU 6 Grade with average efficiency of 60-80% down to 5 u.
  • AC Centrifugal Motor Blower with Regulator for speed controlling.
  • Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Anti-static vinyl curtains in front & back side i.e. at the in-feed and out- feed
  • S$ 304, Mirror finish Nozzle for spraying the air.
  • LED down light with 400 LUX.
  • PAO Test port for HEPA filter integrity test.
  • Emergency stop switch to shut off equipment in an emergency.
  • SS304 access panel inside of the unit for service & maintenance.

Standard Dimensions :

Internal Dimension (mm)
Width Depth Height
1300 1500 1500

Options & Accessories :

  • PLC with touch screen HMI display controlling with Electro-magnetic interlocking System to ensure that only one side door can be opened at a time & adjustable timer to set operation time.
  • Digital/Photohelic Gauge with High / Low Indicators.
  • SS 304 manual rollers at the in-feed while SS 304 Motorized rollers inside the unit
  • SS 304 double walled insulated doors with toughned glass with SS 304 Handles & Hinges.
  • Motor Operated automatic rolling Shutter on front and Backside.
  • UV lights with hours meter.

Performance :

  • Air Velocities     :    20 + 2 mps per nozzle.
  • Air Flow              :   Re-circulatory.
  • Noise Level        :   Less than 75 db on Scale 'A'.
  • Vibration level  :   Minimum.

Power Supply :

  • 415 VAC 3θ, 50-60HZ