Biological Safety Cabinet Class I provides personnel, environmental and product protection. Air flow is drawn around the operator into the front gril of the cabinet, which provides personnel protection. In addition, the down ward laminar flow of HEPA-filtered air provides product protection by minimizing the chance of cross-contamination along the work surface of the cabinet. Because cabinet air has passed through the exhaust HEPA filter, it is contaminant-free (environmental protection). Class I BSCs have inward face velocities (90 feet per minute) that provide comparable levels of containment to protect laboratory workers and the immediate environment from infectious aerosols generated within the cabinet. Class I BSC also protect the research material itself through high-efficiency particulate air Filtration (HEPA filtration) of the airflow down across the work surface (vertical laminar flow).Class II BSCs are classified into two types (A and B) based on construction, airflow velocities and patterns. Class Il type AZ : It re-circulates 70% of HEPA filtered laminar air While 30% passes through exhaust HEPA to ambient. Class Il type B2 : This is single pass system. It exhausts 100% of HEPA filtered air from the system to ambient.

Material Of Construction :

  • SS 304 / SS 316/ SS 316L / External G.I Powder Coated.

Standard Features:

  • Minipleat Exhaust & Supply HEPA Filters EU-14 Grade, efficiency 99.999% down to 0.3 u.
  • Pre filters EU 6 Grade with average efficiency of 60-80% down to 5 u.
  • AC Centrifugal Motor Blower with Regulator for speed controlling.
  • LED display with manual on-off switches for motor blower, LED light & U.V. light.
  • 1-piece fully openable sliding toughened Glass front door with counter weight arrangement.
  • Led Light with SS covering.
  • UV Light with Hour Meter.
  • SS304 working table with stands with Nylon levelling pads.
  • S$304 Perforated grills on back walls for return air.
  • 6/16 Amp single-phase switch socket for any external equipment.
  • Alarm triggers in case front door is raised more than 8" (i.e. safe clear opening during operation).
  • PAO Test port for HEPA filter integrity test.
  • SS304 Air Gas Cock.
  • Drain provision for cleaning.
  • S$ 304 access panel on front of the unit for service & maintenance.

Standard Dimensions :

Internal Dimension (mm)
Width Depth Height
915 457 700
1220 457 700

Options & Accessories :

  • SS 304 protective grill below Hepa filter.
  • SS 304 duct for exhaust(height to be confirm by client).
  • VFD to control the speed of monitor
  • LCD displays all the parameters including date,time,Filter and UV lamp working time,inflow and down flow air velocity, temperature, system working time, ON/OFF for blower operation, U.V. light & Led Light. A high-quality air velocity sensor helps in sensing the actual air flow in FPM


  • Air cleanliness   :   ISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E) / Class 100.
  • Air Velocities     :    0.45 + 0.05 mps@ 6 Inch below Hepa Terminal.
  • Air Flow              :   Vertical - Re-circulatory.
  • Noise Level        :   Less than 67 db on Scale 'A'.
  • Vibration level  :   Minimum.

Power Supply :

  • 230 VAC 1θ, 50-60HZ